From Our Partners

On behalf of Medic Samaritan, I would like to thank you for your generous financial gift collected at the recent ENA symposium. Your commitment to helping Medic Samaritan support nursing education in Haiti is sincerely appreciated. One of our continued goals is sustainability of third world healthcare through the funding of nursing education. Each year we are able to advance this mission by providing specific funding for nursing students in third world nations. With the help of donations from supporters such as you we will continue to see the education and placement of new health care practitioners in areas that are in desperate need.

With the funding raised at the 2012 ENA conference, Medic Samaritan is able to continue it's sponsorship of Haitian national Estimene Lubin in her quest to become a registered nurse. A former orphan living in Port-au-Prince, Estimene volunteers a large majority of her time with the Poor Children's Assistance Project (PCAP) The very group that supported her orphanage as a child.

Words alone cannot describe Estimene's heart and ultimate desire to serve. As a small child, Estimene's mother became ill and was unable to care for her. Shortly before her mother passed away, Estimene was abandoned into a Port-Au-Prince orphanage founded by Pastor Nickolas Juste, director and founder of PCAP. Ever since her childhood Estimene always had a heart to serve others. She was described by the Orphanage Director (Mona Juste) as a nurturing and spiritual mentor to the other children. Throughout her teenage years, Estimene took on the role of the orphanage, Big Sister, assisting the other children with personal issues, school assignments and spiritual guidance. She was responsible for escorting the younger girls to and from school, preparing their clothes each day and was oftentimes called upon to prepare evening meals for the entire orphanage. In all she was asked to do, Estimene never backed down or abandoned her cause, knowing that her call for service was far greater than the distractions of being an orphan or living in extreme poverty.

To this day, Estiemene continues in her quest in serve others unabashedly. With each foreign mission team visiting, Estimene offers her time to PCAP serving in any way, shape or form. In a recent hike to a remote village, Estimene removed her shoes, giving them to an individual who was struggling the harsh terrain. She continued the remainder of the journey barefoot, still carrying a large pack of medical supplies for the upcoming clinic.

Now 29 years of age, Estimene's desire is to become an R.N. so that she to may serve in a medical capacity to the many orphanages and mission teams funded by the PCAP. With an approximate cost of $7000 for 4 years of Nursing School, Medic Samaritan's goal is to provide Estimene with $1,800 per year for a four year period. Once complete, Estimene will serve alongside Medic Samaritan as a nurse, providing medical care to the orphanage children and visiting mission teams.

Again, many thanks for your most generous support and for your organizations efforts to promoting emergency nursing care in East Tennessee.